Selrahco Pledges support for Football for Life Program

Selrahco recently pledged its support for the Football for Life program based in Tacloban. The unique activity was designed to provide football clinics for children affected by typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) in 2013. Started just months after the tragedy which devastated the City of Tacloban and its surrounding towns, leaving over a million people homeless and taking over 6,000 lives, the program has attracted hundreds of children and now has three centers.

All aboard for support. Charles Lim (in front seat) with Selrahco team and invited media from Cebu, Bacolod and Iloilo on a Cebu Pacific and URC sponsored trip.

Charles Lim committed Selrahco's network to create awareness of this project of Fundlife International.

"On behalf of the Fundlife organization, we appeal to well wishers and concerned groups, not only from the Philippines but from every sport loving country to support Fundlife. What they have done and what they are doing here in Tacbloban is indeed heartwarming and phenomenal," expressed Lim.

Members of the Selrahco team with the media attend a guidance and inspirational session conducted by Fr Hans Magdurulang for the attendees at the F4L headoffice.

For more information visit FundLife International or Security Check Required or contact